Where is The Trouble Maker???

I posed this question to Sidney and Shelby yesterday. They both immediately turned around and looked at Sophie.For two dogs that seem to have a limited vocabulary, it was an quick response. Sophie had a bad day yesterday. She pooped out an enormous( the size of a quarter) piece of hard plastic. I do not know how it fit through her intestines. She ate a pantiliner from her britches (she is in season) and she kept pulling off the britches all day long. The water was overturned in her crate causing a soggy mess of newspaper which she preceded to eat. The finally blow of the day was not caused by the girl. While opening the refrigerator, a bottle of teriyaki sauce fell out and splashed on my new sneakers, socks, refrigerator, and the floor. The bottle did not break, but it took 4 steam cleanings of the floor to get the stickiness removed.010


21 thoughts on “Where is The Trouble Maker???

  1. susieandsidebite

    Well…from my point of view us gals just gotta do what we wanna do…..funny how the rest of the gang knows ywho did what!

    Da Sus

  2. Skyler Braveheart

    Poor Sophie….she was probably miz. A kind word & snuggle would be my suggestion. But you probably did that…and poor you…Mama had to pay special attention to poop before….

    1. corkscot Post author

      Sophie spends a good part of the day giving kissing and licking me. She is not suffering from lack of attention. She does the same to Sidney and Shelby.


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