Secret Revealed

I have finally found a way to sit and watch a program without the three dogs in my lap. It may seem a little mean, but I took a brush to the couch with me last night and actually got to watch a program without them interfering in my vision. The minute that I put the brush in my hand, they bolted.005
I wonder if this will continue working? Only time will tell!


14 thoughts on “Secret Revealed

  1. Kismet

    It should work forever as long as you follow through. When one of them challenges you, brush him/her. Then they know you’re serious. You’ll probably have to do this 3 times-once for each.

  2. susieandsidebite

    Barharhar….sometimes you just gotta be sneaky….but watch out us Scottie are smart….they will figure it out after a while!

    The Mad Scots

  3. dougalldog

    My peep uses a similar tactic to manage Floyd, he is scared of her water bottle (we don’t know why) when he is getting under foot she carries it around with her…

  4. lexitheschnauzer

    After all this time Mom finally let me look at your website. I like it. It is for real! It took Mom ages to realize why I wouldn’t sit with her on the couch. Then she stopped keeping my comb on the table next to the couch. I waited a while to be sure, but now I am back up there with her. I don’t sit on her lap, though. I need my space.

    1. corkscot Post author

      We love that you do not have your ears cut. It makes you look cuter. Thank your mom for letting you watch the antics of the Scotties. We are relatives.


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