Today is Rocky’s 8th birthday. He was adopted by my daughter Michele from a shelter in Florida.He had been passed up many times because of his severe dental issues. He had a rocky start in life, but he has turned out to be a wonderful member of the Scottish Terrier clan.009010


24 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCKY

  1. Bella, Roxy & Macdui

    Happy Birthday, Rocky! We’re so happy you found the RIGHT forever home.

    Scotties are not common, so there are VERY few scotties who have to be rehomed. Actually, we’ve never even seen one.

    1. corkscot Post author

      Scottie Rescue is big in Florida. I personally have owned two rescue Scotties- Corky and Shelby. Where do you live? We see rescues all of the time all over the US.

    1. corkscot Post author

      He had just been attacked by a pit bull the week before. His eyebrows are usually good because grandma does them. Tooting my own horn for a change.

  2. Edgar

    Happy Barkday, Rocky!! We don’t see many rescue Scots either. Mum volunteers for the terrier rescue and she can recall maybe 4 Scotties coming through in as many years.

    Edgar and his mum

    1. corkscot Post author

      Unfortunately there are a lot of rescue Scotties available in the USA. Corky and Shelby were both rescues. One of my neighbors had 8 rescue Scotties that lived out their days at her house along with a Store bought Scot and a Great Dane. It was a fun house to visit.


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