To Celebrate The End of Scottish Terrier Month

In celebrating the end of the great month of March and it being called Scottish Terrier Month, I thought that I might share 46+ years of Scottish Terriers that I have owned.001004003

The first picture is of the New York Scotties. Mother Corky and her babies MacDuff, Boots, and Kilts.
The second picture is of the first Florida Scotties- CorkyII and Drew.
The third is Drew’s babies Tiffany Sue, Lexie Lou, and Tory.
The fourth is the present residence of the household Sidney, Shelby, and Sophie.


19 thoughts on “To Celebrate The End of Scottish Terrier Month

  1. noodle4president

    That’s incredible! So much happiness I’m sure but I can’t even imagine the pain you experienced with all of those little loves leaving you. I do know the pain is worth the years of love and happiness but having just experienced my first loss, I can’t imagine 46+ years of bonding with all of them and the pain that follows each time. It’s bloggers like you that remind me that it’s worth it. Thanks for this post! Samantha

    1. corkscot Post author

      That is why I try to have at least two at a time. When the NY Scotties were gone, I felt that I could never go through that experience again. I got the first Florida dog after the death of my husband. It was so lonely in the house with the kids away at school and no one in the house. I had no reason to get up in the morning. I saw a found ad in the paper for a Scottie and called the lady. She said that if no one claimed her, she would give her to me. That was the start of it all 22+ years ago.

      1. noodle4president

        It makes sense to always have 2. If it weren’t for noodle and khia in sure I’d be a lot worse right now. You need something to get you up and out of bed. Not to mention I’ve had to put on a brave face and get out of my funk while home because khia draws on it and it is only making her depression last longer.

  2. susieandsidebite

    It’s so nice that you have keep the “I have a Scottie” tradition….Mom and Dad have done close to the same….but they didn’t keep pictures till a few years ago…..but what happy memories we bet those pictures bring you !

    The Mad Scots

  3. Daisy

    I was thinking “wow-46+ years”…then I realized I’ve had at least one Scottie in my life for 43 years! I love all the Scottie pics!! Scottie’s rule!

    1. corkscot Post author

      I hope that your pictures ave not faded as badly as my old pictures. Thanks to digital cameras we can keep clicking away until we get a decent picture.

  4. bentley2

    Yes I agree with Wally & Sammy you are very lucky to have the love of Scotties for 46 years.


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