Week 5- Disobedience Class

After a half hour drive in traffic, I got to the school ans there was no one there. I was very annoyed because the temperature in Florida was very cold and the wind was howling. On arriving back home, I took a flop over the uncooperative Sophie and hurt my knee and shoulder. When I went on the computer, there was an email from the school saying that class was cancelled due to the weather. Doesn’t anyone call anymore? They had my phone number. Very unhappy!011


8 thoughts on “Week 5- Disobedience Class

  1. Kismet

    It’s a new age You were supposed to be on your phone every second, including while driving. Me, I’m old school and I don’t tweet, I squawk big time and you should be able to hear me 2300 miles away. who needs broadband?

    1. corkscot Post author

      Cell phones are the most dangerous invention ever. People are too busy texting and talking. They do not pay attention to their driving or walking. I don’t want to hear your conversations or see you weaving all over the road.

    1. corkscot Post author

      I am beginning to feel like I am a dinosaur. I got an email today that said I should be reading my emails more often and I would have known. I called the night of the horrible rain and was told that there would be class, so I assumed that there would be class if it were cold.


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