Obedience School- Week 4

Or should we call it by its real name- Disobedience School. Despite the angelic face, there is no good coming from going to school. She should be at a party school, not a serious academy of learning. Sophie is there to socialize and tease everyone. There is not a serious bone in her body. Four more weeks of schooling. She does fine at home outside. There are no distractions.I will not give up!!!


14 thoughts on “Obedience School- Week 4

  1. bentley2

    Bentley & his brother Gailen loved going to school to see all their friends and have play time for about 1/2 hour before class started. Then they were ready for class and learning.

  2. corkscot Post author

    We get there early. Unfortunately most people come at the start or later. There is another class afterwards. It is not as if Sophie has no playmates during the day.


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