Obedience- Day Two

Tonight was the second class of obedience. It was raining very hard and I didn’t take my camera since the classes are outdoors. Most people was not present. We only did about 15 minutes of work and the rest of the time was the teacher talking about dogs and her dog leaving 4 piles of poop all over the place. She has a Golden so you can image the size of the prizes. This is the other picture from last week.006


12 thoughts on “Obedience- Day Two

  1. rubytheairedale

    Oh yes! I CAN imagine the ‘size of the prizes’!!!! BOL!! I always do at least four poopies in the morning…gotta wake Ma up! ☺
    I hopes you got a refund of some kind….like a margarita?!
    Ruby ♥

    1. corkscot Post author

      It was a 20 minute drive in a torrential rain and then we had to stand there and smell the eau du toilet in the damp and rainy night. Literal and figural crappy night.

  2. susieandsidebite

    Well, we sure hope that Sophie does get some obedience lessons in, doesn’t sound like a great teacher. Can tell you Sophie is becoming a great Junior Officer.



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