Gotcha Day

It is four years ago that Shelby came intDSCF0059010o our lives from the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast. She was 10 months old at the time and her owner chose his girl friend over Shelby. It seems that Shelby got a hold of one of the girl friends intimate pieces of apparel and decided to use it as a chew toy. Thankfully for us, Sean Kennedy picked the girl friend and put sweet Shelby into rescue. The rest is history.We have enjoyed every moment with this wonderful girl. Left- the day that she arrived and met Sidney.Right- this afternoon.


17 thoughts on “Gotcha Day

  1. Kismet

    That girl friend must have been very cute. Even Shelby thought she was “yummy”. He says that if a girl doesn’t like animals, that’s as much of a no-no as being dishonest.

    1. Kismet

      Oh yeah, the good news is that there aren’t any Scotties here to rescue. The bad news is that there are a lot in Texas but they won’t adopt to Arizona because it doesn’t border Texas. As a bird without borders who can fly across human artificial lines-that’s dumb. You have homes wanting Scotties and Scotties needing homes-DUH.

      1. Lee

        Oh Kismet don’t get me started about Texas Scottie Animal Kingdom. They had a little guy who no one was taking because he was blind and needed a major operation. I had OSU contact them I was footing the bill so he could see again and had a family that could bring him to me because they are snow birds spending half the year in Texas and half the year here. They said NO. Even the snow birds tried to adopt another Scot they got turned down also.

      2. Daisy

        We’re not their biggest fans either. We love that they rescue Scotties, but wishes they would let their pups leave Texas!

      3. corkscot Post author

        I had looked online and noticed that Texas is hardline on rescue. It is a shame that so many are denied the opportunity for adoption because of where they live.

  2. Lee

    That dude I hope he never had dirty hands and touch his girlfriend, she probably would have set him out for adoption. Shelby was the lucky one leaving the dude.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. cafall

    People have the weirdest excuses for giving up their dogs, but I’m glad Shelby came your way. Happy Gotcha Day!

    Monty and Harlow

    1. corkscot Post author

      I volunteered at the local shelter for 5 years and I had to stop because I could not handle the stupid excuses that people gave for turning in their animals.

  4. Daisy

    Happy Gotcha day, Shelby!!! We know you are so well loved and happy. Clearly, you are in a house where being a Scottie is celebrated!

  5. susieandsidebite

    HAPpY GOTCHA DAY Shelby, glad you got to go to a furever home that really loved you Sweetie!….you know how we feel…SCOTTIES RULE!

    The Mad Scots


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