Sophie Is Going To School

It has come to my attention that the only words in my vocabulary are Sophie, no, wait, watch out, stop and leave them alone. The reason for this problem is my problem child Sophie. There is that name again.She does not listen and is constantly annoying the older dogs. It is time for some professional help. With that being said, I have signed her up for puppy school at the local high school. Drew, Tiffany, and Lexie all went to the classes at one time or another. It helped them to be better behaved. The first class is next Thursday night. It is only for owners. The dogs start the following week. All of my children(both two and four legged) have been outstanding students. Here is hoping for the same from Sophie.006


8 thoughts on “Sophie Is Going To School

      1. susieandsidebite

        Hummmmmm…a Scottie going to school… well we will keep our paws crossed it works….Bites just laughs at training!

        The Mad Scots

  1. cafall

    Good luck! Angel Sam failed his first obedience class – three times – actually, and was asked to never come back. He turned out to be our most well behaved and smartest dog.

    Monty and Harlow


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