Visit From Dixie

Sophie has finally met her match. Dixie came fore a two day stay and she was having no part of the obnoxious pup. It was a stressful day to begin with as all of the windows in the house were being replaced by storm safe windows. Sophie spent most of the morning in her crate, by her ow choice. With all of the men going in and out of the house, she was terrified.After they left, I went to pick up Dixie. The first time that Sophie got in Dixie’s face, the snarl and growl must have put Sophie on edge.It did not take long for the four dogs to sit quietly. They were not even waiting for food.004005


10 thoughts on “Visit From Dixie

  1. susieandsidebite

    Understand that, we now have Mickey, and I had him understanding I AM THE BOSS in about an hour, sometimes thats what needs to happen.

    Da Sus


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