Moveable moment

This is only the second time that Shelby has jumped on the swivel chair in almost 4 years. The first time was so dramatic that she never felt the need to try again. The chair turned around(swiveled) as she jumped on it and it scarred her all of this time. The trauma of Sophie chasing her down has given her the courage to try again. This has been a one time occurrence. I hope that it won’t take another 4 years for this event to happen again. Sophie is one scary Scottie.003004


8 thoughts on “Moveable moment

  1. susieandsidebite

    Well, we be hoping that comes to and end in 2015…..wishing Sophie alot more peaceful New Year and that all of you have a Hppy one!

    The Mad Scots

  2. Kismet

    Shelby, terrier up! When Kali came her last January 7, the next day Kali tried to steal one of Kyla’s green beans. Did Kyla back down? NO WAY. One second and $400 in vet bills meant Kali was no trouble for Kyla any more.


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