Today we want to pray homage to Kyla a very dear Scottie friend. Kyla was one of the first Scottie blogs that we started to follow. She was the inspiration for our blog. Kyla’s mom was a tremendous help in guiding me through the process and did a wonderful job in answering all of my stupid questions. Without her help, there would not have been a Corkscot.
Kyla, herself was an inspiration. Her thoughts seemed to represent the antics that were going on in our household. Her adventures with her siblings explained a lot the the group dynamic here. We enjoyed all of the beautiful pictures and story lines over the years. In memory of Kyla, we have lit the memorial candle in the picture above. As we pass by it, it will remind us of our friend Kyla and her family. Rest in peace sweet girl.


14 thoughts on “IN MEMORY OF KYLA

  1. Lee

    Kyla and I started blogging the same week back in January 2012 and before that we talked back and forth at Stuart’s blog. Kyla will be greatly missed.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. hutchagoodlife

    Kyla was the funniest, loveliest pup and she will be greatly missed. Mummy is going to light a candle tonight in her memory, it’s called Home Sweet Home and whee think that perfectly represents her



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