Tongue Out Tuesday

Sophie exhibiting a tongue that is almost as large as she is. Sidney is in the background.. He has figured out that it is safer to stay on the ground with the little pain, than to run away from her. Shelby keeps getting attacked by Sophie. Puppy jail ( the crate) is getting too much occupancy. The older ones need a respite from the terriorist.


9 thoughts on “Tongue Out Tuesday

  1. Daisy

    So, my mom would like to know if that’s a Scottie rug that Sophie is on…it looks adorable! Hopefully, her puppy needle teeth will be coming out soon!

    1. corkscot Post author

      It is a Scottie rug that I have had for 15+ years. It has to be vacuumed everyday, but I love it. Sophie’s teeth will probably come out in my arm. I am looking like a victim right now,

  2. Kyla

    I may be old, but I’m still the queen. That wouldn’t work with me. Kali tried to get one of MY green beans after finishing hers on the second day she was here. $400 in vet bills later, she will never do it again. It only took one second. She got religion.


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