Why can’t people follow the rules

After an encounter on Sunday and many words exchanged, you would think that this owner would keep his puppy on a leash. Sidney dies not appreciate any dog coming up to Shelby. He is overly protective and will go after the aggressor. I told my neighbor this on Sunday and thought that I had gotten through to him. I must be living in a dream world. This morning the same thing happened. It might be a puppy , but it is bigger than the Scotties. The dog came charging across the street again and its’ owner did not appreciate me yelling NO at his dog. “Don’t you want your dog to have friends?” NO. I want my dogs to be able to walk peacefully without being accosted by other dogs. He is putting his dog and my dogs in jeopardy by having him run free. The dog did not listen to him at all and continued to follow us. I carry my camera to record this nonsense. Code Enforcement selectively enforces the laws and there is a leash law.001002


9 thoughts on “Why can’t people follow the rules

    1. corkscot Post author

      No taxes or HOA fees. They make sure that you garbage cans are put away, a house number on your house, no junk piled by your house, no excessive grass, no old, etc. It is selectively enforced. This is the problem.

  1. sue ellen..

    suppose you had a toy squirt gun in your pocket ??? You could advise the pup owner that you would squirt his pup w/ water when the pup approached your scotties….. this might be like gasoline on a fire, or perhaps the owner would be glad for YOU to control his pup, cause he can’t. In the long run you may be saving the pups life~~~~ looks as if he spends time on the street, along w/ automobiles which causes ‘death’ much to often.so sorry about this situation for you and your scotties….. =-(

    1. corkscot Post author

      They are at a three way STOP sign and his dad never stops at the sign. I carry mace and my camera on the morning walk, but the owner should be maced. The dog doesn’t know any better.

    1. corkscot Post author

      He doesn’t care. I sent the pictures to Code Enforcement. This morning when I walked by his house, the dog was not present, but all of a sudden the alarm on his truck went off.It stopped after a few seconds. Do you think he was trying to scare me?

  2. cafall

    Good for you! We have so many problems in our neighborhood that I’ve given up walking the dogs there. When I do I carry a big can of mace. I tell owners they get one warning or I’ll mace their dogs. Thankfully I’ve never had too – the threat is enough. Monty is very reactive if dogs charge him.

    Monty and Harlow


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