Scotitude in a puppy

You would think that it would take time for a puppy to acquire some knowledge and Scottie traits. Sophie must rank way up on top of the Scottie scale. For such a wee one, she is learning about potty training, waiting for treats after potty, hiding toys, and annoying the grownups.
Immediately after going potty, she sat down and waited for me to give her a treat. After knowing that there was little chance of her having an accident in the house, I let her run around with the big guys. She proceeded to take as many toys as possible and run under the table to avoid the biggies. Several toys were taken into the crate to keep them safe. They still do not know what to ma002006


012014ke of her.


14 thoughts on “Scotitude in a puppy

  1. susieandsidebite

    Well, you do know us gals have a great mind, and it really keeps us wound up at times, Sid and Shel wiil get use to a smart one after a while!

    The Mad Scots


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