This is my granddog Rocky. My daughter adopted him from a shelter about 5+ years ago. She had called them because they said that they had a Scottie available. She had lost her Scottie, Lexie Lou, to cancer the previous year and wanted to have another Scottie.
When the people brought Rocky out to see her, they told her that she didn’t have to take him if she didn’t want him. As you can see, he is not atypical looking Scottie. This jaw has a serious problem and his teeth did not have enough room to grow properly. She did not let his looks keep her from adopting him. He is a very sweet boy. Even though Sid doesn’t treat him very well, he loves to come visit and sit with grandma.
Rocky has fully recovered from the pit bull attack. His hair has grown back and he still is a trusting Scottie.013


10 thoughts on “TOO CUTE TUESDAY

  1. Kyla

    If you want a perfect looking Scottie, see a champion breeder. If you want a perfect personality in a Scottie, get a rescue’ they’re so appreciative.


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