In honor of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Frances.

I spent the night in the home of my dearest friend with her Scotties, 1 Great Dane, 2 birds, a cat, and my 4 Scotties. She and her husband did not want me to be by myself with the dogs.  We spent the whole night staying up and listening to the horrible wind and rain. At one point, an electric pole in the distance crackled and all of the lights went out. It was dark as far as we could see. By the morning all was quiet. It had been an exciting night with all of us in the house.

Going home, I had no idea what to expect. The streets were flooded and we could see many trees were down. The pictures taken really do not show the full damage to the house. It really didn’t look too bad except for the downed trees. Walking into  the house and opening the door to the garage brought a whole new perspective to the situation.  The left bottom side of the garage door was blown open and the side door to the garage was wide open. The water had come into the garage and brought down the ceiling in the garage. The pool enclosure was blown off the foundation and there were leaks from the roof where the shingles had blown away. It only got worse three weeks later when we were visit by Hurricane001002003 Jean.


8 thoughts on “THROW BACK THURSDAY

    1. corkscot Post author

      We had another one three weeks later and one year after that. The destruction to the house totaled in the 100,000 + dollar range. We went without electricity in the third hurricane for 8 days.

  1. Lee

    Living in Ohio you don’t expect to be visited by Hurricanes but Hurricane Ike came right up into my state downing trees tearing off roofs and aluminum siding etc.. A major tree came down across my property and I lost my chain link fence and was without electricity for two days. I was out eating at the Olive Garden when it started ~ they asked everyone to leave the restaurant. In the ten miles home trees were down everywhere along with wires. I had to keep trying different ways to get home. Nobody expected it to hit us like that.
    Stop by my blog sometime
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. corkscot Post author

      We are now following you. We have seen you on several of the blogs that we visit.We hope that you never have to experience any extreme weather occurrence again. After Wilma in 2005, we had no electricity for 8 days. It was terrible.

      1. Lee

        Seems like I am always lucky enough to have things just miss me with major damage. A tornado on Mar 4, 2012 dumped trash it picked up from Greater Cincinnati Airport on me. I even had soup cans from some grocery it took out. Broken windows and trash is all I got.
        I see you joined my blog.
        Thanks for becoming a new friend
        Sweet William The Scot

  2. Daisy

    So much destruction! It’s amazing to see the after math here and feel so helpless since there’s nothing to prevent it. We’ve never been in a hurricane, but are grateful you at least get a little notice!


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