This is the September cross stitch from Scotties For All Seasons. Our Scottie lad is going back to school. He is planning on being the football star of his team.007


12 thoughts on “SCOTTIE CRAFTS

  1. Edgar

    mum is wondering how hard it is to cross stitch – she just loves these scotties and wonders if she could manage her own without tying us all up in knots!

    Edgar and his mum

    1. corkscot Post author

      cross stitch is very easy. the fabric has holes in it. You just have to follow the pattern with the correct color. You stitch ////// then go back \\\\\\ and cover the stitches that you have done. it makes an X. There must be a youtube video for it. The library has plenty of books to show the way. The best investment is the magnetic board to place the pattern down on,ans a magnetic ruler to follow the pattern.

  2. corkscot Post author

    My pleasure. If you ever did any needlepoint it is the same thing except the canvas is blank and you follow a chart instead of having it printed on the canvas.


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