Positive Challenge

Today we were nominated for day 4 of the Positive Challenge by Trisha Jones of the Adventures of Indy and Lucy. The purpose was to say three things about ourselves or our dogs and nominate two other people to do the same.

1) I took very good care of my brother Sid while he was recovering from his dental surgery last week.(Shelby)

2)I give my sister wide berth when she is flipping out. It happens at least once a day and it gets dangerous.(Sidney)

3)We both love to cuddle and give wet kisses to our mom.(Shelby and Sidney)

Does any one want to accept the challenge and give three positive things about your companions?008 010


6 thoughts on “Positive Challenge

  1. Kyla

    This is better than dumping ice water on yourself. I’m thinking positive thoughts about Kaci and Kali to tell. …. I’m still thinking. … I’m thinking. … The first one is really tough.


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