We got up bright and early this morning. Sid had an appointment to get his teeth cleaned. We had gone for the non-anesthetic cleaning, but the doctor felt that he needed to be put under and we had to come in this morning. Although it looks like Sid was smiling, it was far from the truth. He did not walk in voluntarily. Shelby had stayed home. It was not by her own choosing. Four hours later, we went to pick up Sidney. He was very wobbly. He had to have an extraction of one of his 3 root teeth in the back. He has not eaten yet and is still very sleepy. Shelby has been huddling over her big brother all afternoon.006005



4 thoughts on “TooCuteTuesday

  1. Kyla

    You’re lucky. I had to do that once. You avoided the drawing of blood to test whether or not you could be put under because you’re young enough. Over a certain age, you have to prove you can stand it. My favorite knock out med is Ruby the Airedale’s margaritas and you have to prove you’re old enough to have one. The vet’s stuff you have to be young enough. The vet doesn’t like my idea.

    1. corkscot Post author

      He had his blood drawn for his annual senior(at 7) exam, so he did not have to have it done again. He is not feeling good today. I am going to try to get him to eat before I have to take him back to the vet for not eating and not drinking. Always something.


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