Not So Silent Sunday

The weather has been terrible. Between the booming of the thunder and lightning and the fire crackers that do not stop, there are three neurotic dogs here.Dixie is even worse than my two Scotties. We had a little respite with a visit from Rocky. His head is all healed and he was happy to be around the other dogs.
Dixie jumped right into Michele’s lap and proceeded to growl at the other dogs when they wanted attention. I have never seen this behavior before. Dixie will be here through Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “Not So Silent Sunday

  1. Kyla

    We get a lot of thunder and I don’t need a thundershirt. You guys need to stop worrying about yourselves and protect your Mom. Then everything will be so much better.

    1. corkscot Post author

      It has gotten to the point that Sid doesn’t want to walk outside at all. During the hurricanes 10 years ago, I had two that hid in the closet and the other two walked around by the shaking windows and doors without reacting. Go figure, I can’t.


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