We got the results of the blood work from the visit to the vet yesterday. It seems that Sidney has an elevated liver enzyme. The vet said that it could be caused by stress. The poor boy had to be dragged into the office. He did not respond to the treats offered. He has been dealing with thunder, lightning, and firecrackers. Is that stressful enough? Rocky’s blood work was fine plus he lost some weight. Shelby had her year Rabies shot and her 3 year DA2P. She proceeded to throw up this morning.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Kyla

    It appears we may have to do a little “terriering up” there. I’m not scared of those things but I do have a repeating nightmare that the world has run out of green beans.

      1. corkscot Post author

        Only if you have an abundance of mangoes. They have taken over the house. I need a bigger refrigerator and freezer.

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