Shelby is resting after a very hard evening yesterday. She was playing ball with Sid when all of a sudden she pulled up lame. The poor girl was limping around and allowing Sid to have all of the fun. Having seen this behavior before, I immediately picked her up and looked at her front paw. Once again, the stupid dewclaw was broken and bent to the side. A quick cut of the nail and I prayed for the best. It took a while, but she hobbled outside to do her business. As you can see, she slept with her eyes open for a while. This morning she was as good as new. If your dog starts limping, you should check their dewclaws. They get no contact with the ground and do not get to wear out naturally.


10 thoughts on “POOR SHELBY

    1. corkscot Post author

      You would never know that anything had happened. Thought that the information might help someone else and save them from a trip to the vet.

  1. corkscot Post author

    The last time I ran to the vet. Luckily she is more interested in the dogs than she is in gouging people. She cut her nail and told me no charge because she only spent a minute with her.


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