Early Morning Meet And Greet

The weather has been very hot and we are only walking a little bit in the morning. The rest of the day, mom doesn’t get very far past the driveway. She has been carrying her camera because we have a neighbor that lets his two big, miserable dogs loose instead of walking them. They run after us and try to hurt us all of the time. He just stands there at his door with his cup of coffee and does nothing. Mom is mad enough to have called the police three times. She is carrying the camera to provide evidence of this unlawful behavior. Today, we encountered our friend Tyson instead of the other dogs. Tyson gets along really well with us and we usually do a lot of circling. It is fun that mom says when she encounters Tyson without us, he is a totally different dog. Mom can not go near him without his barking. We are happy to act as mediators.


8 thoughts on “Early Morning Meet And Greet

  1. corkscot Post author

    The Vice Mayor(Maggie’s dad) walked with me several mornings to catch this guy. He is also an official in the local government. The dogs came up behind an older lady and knocked her down. She wound up in the emergency room the following day with heart problems. She did not want to cause problems by reporting the incident. i don’t understand people. If it is not reported, it doesn’t exist when the next person has a problem.

      1. corkscot Post author

        At least the Vice Mayor is trying to help. He even made a comment at the last Village Council meeting about people not following the rules that a should know better. When pressed for the name of the individual, he told.

  2. wallaceandsamuel

    How upsetting – we hope you will be able to provide the necessary evidence to get the issue sorted out. As for Tyson…perhaps you two should consider a career with the UN *BOL*
    Wally & Sammy


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