It is that time of the year

The fabulous light shows have started in Florida. It usually occurs in the evening and the sky lights up with beautiful streaks of lightning. Today, we did not have to wait for the evening. The lightning and the thunder started right about 12PM. Sidney has a problem with the noise. He did not even want to take his afternoon lunch walk. He was trembling so badly that I tried the Thundershirt on him. It lessened the trembling a little bit. A visit from Michele and Rocky did not help. Rescue Remedy did not work. We are in for a long summer.


12 thoughts on “It is that time of the year

    1. corkscot Post author

      Not sure that the shirt is working. He was still trembling with it on. We tried Adaptil. It is sprayed on a bandana and put around the neck. It did not help at all.

      1. The Scottie Chronicles

        We just saw the Thunderspray.

        I have to admit, I think I’m getting better about the fireworks, but not the thunder. I do have a Thundershirt and it works a little bit, but it’s so darned hot!!!!!

        Best of luck to you….hang in there!

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