This picture has been missing for over 4 years. I stumbled upon it over the weekend and wanted to share it. This was taken on the night that Tiffany Sue(third wheaten from the left) and Lexie Lou(wheaten on the right) took their obedience exam. The other player were Drew(wheaten on the left and mother of all of the other wheatens) Tory(second wheaten from the left in the bucket with Tiffany) and Corky, the black rescue. That is my arm holding Lexie Lou still. The title is 5 Scotties and my arm. It took forever to get all five of the dogs to stay still. The two sisters passed their obedience test. We didn’t think that Tiffany would do will, but she was so tired from the photo session that she placed out of eleven. Lexie(usually very obedient) did not do as well.



    1. corkscot Post author

      It took forever to get them to sit still. That is the reason for my arm holding Lexie. In the long run, it was worth all of the time and energy.


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