Dixie’s mom was supposed to pick her up tonight. Her plane got grounded in Chicago and she won’t be leaving until tomorrow morning. This is the first day that she hadn’t been crying all day long. Do you think that she knew that mom was on the way back from Portland?


7 thoughts on “TooCuteTuesday

    1. corkscot Post author

      They gave her a small voucher to get a room. There was near the airport. They told her she could get on a flight to Dallas, but the next flight to West Palm Beach would be today and standby. Are they kidding???

  1. bentley2

    YES she knows. My mom had a dog when she was young and that dog knew when her grandfather was coming to visit. The dog would go around the house and hid his toys so grandfather would not throw them and make the dog go and get them. He also knew when mom or dad would be coming home because he would go to the door and wait about 15 minutes before they came home and they did not come home at the same time everyday. So Yes She knows her mom is coming home.

    1. corkscot Post author

      Dogs are very intuitive. Sid knows when Rocky is coming to visit and sits by the door waiting for him about a half hour before arrival. It never fails.,


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