Tory in front of his mother Drew and Auntie Corky all the way in the back. Tiffany was off getting into trouble as usual.


6 thoughts on “ThrowBackThursday

  1. susieandsidebite

    OK, now we need a Scottie History Count, you guys just keep coming up with more!

    The Mad Scots


      in 1968, I got my first Scottie Corky-. She had three puppies- MacDuff, Kilts, and Boots. After they passed over the rainbow bridge, there was a Scottie drought until 1992, when I adopted a rescue Scottie Corky2. I added Drew in 1997 and she had three puppies in 1999- Tiffany Sue, Lexie Lou, and Tory. These puppers were beautiful ,but did not live very long. Tory died at 6+ from renal failure, and Tiffany and Lexie died at 8+ within a month of each other. Tiffany ate something poisonous on the street while out on a walk and although the vet tried her best, she died 10 days later. Lexie had lymphoma and the treatment did not work. She died within a month. Drew was sad without her babies and I got Sidney to keep her company. When Drew died at 14+ years, Shelby came into our lives from rescue. You’ re now up to date.


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