Throwback Thursday

From left to right- Bonnie(Rowdy’s sister), Sidney(lifting his leg), and Rowdy- Sid’s brother. Shelby was probably resting in a pile of dirt. They met at the dog park for a romp. Bonnie was suffering from many Scottie ailments at this time including Cushing’s and heart disease. She died late last year. She was a wonderful dog and is greatly missed by Rowdy.


7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. sue ellen

    That #&*”+* cushings disease….I have ‘lost’ 3 wonderful Scotts (not related) to that horrid ailment.
    Enjoy the photos y’all share…♥

    1. Kyla

      I have Addison’s which is the opposite of Cushing’s. With Cushing’s, the adrenal glands produce too much. With Addison’s, they produce too little or nothing at all. I get a shot (most recently Monday this week) to make up for it. We’re talking about $225 (and rising) for 100 days of medicine. What did we do to deserve this?


        Drew and Corky both had Cushing’s. I just found the last bill for trilostane for Drew. It was for $369.00 for 100 pills. This was in 2010. She had been taking them for over 5 years. She died 6 days after the last script for the pills was received. luckily my vet let me donate the pills to another needy dog owner. The pills worked and she had a quality life for the 5 years. Some vets say that too much inbreeding has caused dogs to get so many diseases. Responsible breeders try to breed out defects. Some defects don’t turn up until way to late to stop the breeding. Just tell your mom that you are worth every penny that she spends on you.

    2. Lee

      My last Scot had Cushings for over six years. I spent much money keeping his levels in check. Pills daily, Lysodren. Every drop of water he drank was measured.
      Sweet William The Scot


        Lysodren didn’t work for Corky or Drew. I had to get trilostane from a compounding pharmacy for them They did lead long lives with the medicine. Corky 16+ and Drew 14+ years. The last script was filled for $369.00 and it was received here 6 days before Drew died.

      2. Kyla

        I couldn’t believe it but there is a compounding pharmacy here in the boonies. Unfortunately, the pills weren’t the answer and I had to get shots. They ship all over but wouldn’t deliver 7 miles away because they thought we might live on a dirt road. Boy, are they wrong-we live on tobacco road but wouldn’t move.


      The trilostane that I gave my Scotties Drew and Corky worked to keep their disease in check. They lived until 14+ and 16+ years. It was very expensive $369..00 for 100 pills, but well worth it.


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