Summer Comes to South Florida

The temperature has been in the mid 80’s for the last several days. The shooting star plant is in bloom and Sidney is enjoying the beautiful flowers on the plant. The mango trees have finally started to blossom. We are hoping for a large crop this year. Shelby and Sidney both love mangoes.


5 thoughts on “Summer Comes to South Florida


      The trees bloom this time of the year. The fruit from some of the trees are ready from May- August. Next time you buy as mango, put the pit in a pot and cover with soil. Water when dry and see if anything grows. I have only one commercial tree. All of the others are from pits. They all fruit. Give it a try.

      1. Kyla

        I did some research and mangoes can’t stand too much cold. Some winters it gets cold for a night or two (like 22 or in 2010 it got to 17 for a few hours).

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