Mom's first two Scotties

Mom was going through her old photographs and she found this picture of her as a baby. Her first toys were two Scottie dogs. We wonder if they were named Corky and Drew, Tiffany and Tory, or Sidney and Shelby? Someone was able to foresee the future.


4 thoughts on “Mom’s first two Scotties

  1. Sue Ellen Scotties !! As a pre teen I attended dog shows w/ my mother’s ‘poodle’ friend. In the ring next to the min poodles were the Scotties ~~~
    I fell head over heels for those scotts…. and the romance has continued for 5 decades.
    Great photo !
    Clan mom ♥ (Lucy &Mac)


    Thanks! I was petrified of dogs as a child and finally got over my fear at age 20. I encountered a Scottie that totally ignored me and allowed me to approach at my own speed. It was love from that day forward. It took many years to be comfortable with other breeds.


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